• Many agile teams or many layers of “agile” ?

    This is one of the most important questions to ask before (or when evaluating) an agile transformations effort. Me and my colleagues from Ugilic, have comprehensive experience in guiding leading companies on their agile journey. More and more often we are met with a desire for a scaled agile setup, and maybe the client already a have a preference for a Scaling Framework. Before we continue down “that” road with the client, we ask them to press pause and step a few meters back… It’s time to do a little thinking before acting! In the past five years, the “agile word” has fast-tracked into almost every industry and has become a hot topic for top management. It seems like putting “Scaled” in front of “Agile” has become a standard for almost everyone, besides of cause the people that are actually working on in real Agile teams. All of us that have experienced the true power, of one or more agile teams, working focused together towards a shared goal, knows how important it is to simplify and descale when possible. So why is it that the “Scaled” version of Agile seems to be a preference for the masses? Back to the question [...]

Talent vs. markedsføring

By |februar 8th, 2018|

Nedenstående er inspireret af nogle tanker jeg fik, mens jeg zappede rundt mellem radiokanalerne på vej til arbejde. Jeg zappede [...]

Vi sprinter alt hvad vi kan…

By |december 4th, 2017|

... men vi når stadig ikke i mål! Dette er en situation jeg møder hos mange teams. Det giver frustration, [...]

Agile og Selfie generationen

By |oktober 12th, 2017|

Hvad har agile og selfies med hinanden at gøre? Jo nu skal du høre, hvad jeg kom til at tænke [...]

Produktvision og MVP – Del 2

By |august 9th, 2017|

I mit forrige indlæg omkring produktvision og MVP, lovede jeg at komme tilbage til nogle mere konkrete metoder til hvordan man [...]